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Saturday June 1 - 4:30 p.m.-5:30 p.m.

The sensitive topics

Our guests will answer prickly questions, to put an end to (…or not) the clichés about the Afro community. Couple, family, business, society: everything will pass!


Culture Dorée

Britanie Lenga is a social media activist and content creator. Passionate about black history and culture, she uses her platforms on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube under the name Culturedoree to educate and inspire black people to rediscover and celebrate their heritage. Additionally, it addresses the psychological consequences of slavery and colonization, encouraging us to work together to overcome these historical challenges.


Sow Spencer

Journalist, radio/TV host and content creator, Sow Spencer is passionate about the news in the world around us! Thanks to its different media, it meets a specific objective: to entertain through pop culture & musical news, but also and above all, to inform its audience of all major social issues.

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Tanguy De Bangui

Born in Bangui, capital of the Central African Republic, Tanguy Ngafaounain-Tabissi is married and father of three children. A lawyer by profession, in 2013 he founded the solidarity and business network BLACKNETWORK. This organization aims to contribute to the economic development of the African and Afro-descendant diaspora in the West.
To this end, the network regularly organizes networking events in Paris and Lyon, hosts KALI, a directory of African and Afro-descendant professionals, produces KALIMANJARO, a podcast in which ambitious personalities are interviewed as well as experts giving listeners the keys to that everyone achieves their ambitions.


Olivier Kissita

Olivier Kissita, actor, director and producer, is known for his successful projects on Netflix and in cinema, as well as his appearances in popular television series. As a director, he has helmed several award-winning films and a successful web series. In 2021, he founded his own production company, KISSITA FILMS. He also undertook an African tour in 2020 to promote his film and share his cinematic know-how. In 2022, he has developed ambitious new film projects. In 2023, his productions achieved great success, and he continued to star in renowned films and television series.

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Presented by Jennifer Galap

Jennifer, 32, a former high-level fencer, developed her passion for television during her studies at EFAP Bordeaux. After working for TV7 Bordeaux, she moved to Guadeloupe in 2018 to join France Télévisions. There, she hosted several successful shows, including “Le vlog des vacances” and “La route du bleu destination Guadeloupe”. She has also become an essential voice for health with the program “1 2 3 santé” broadcast in Guadeloupe and Martinique. In addition to her media career, Jennifer is a professional trainer and hosts the free air and morning show on Tropiques FM since September 2023. On social networks, her sparkling personality and her empathy make her a popular figure, sharing her daily life as a woman active and young mother with her community.

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