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Our history


In 2012, the NHA was created to encourage Black and mixed-race French women to adopt their natural hair and to promote the return to natural hair movement: 200 participants and 3 exhibitors took part in the first edition.
Twelve years later, the NHA has become the largest mainstream event for Black and mixed race women in Europe and has significantly expanded its reach, mission and vision.


The philosophy

The success and longevity of the NHA can be attributed to its ability to bring together Black and brown women from around the world, to celebrate their differences, similarities, uniqueness and solidarity. We seek to continually inspire our audiences through relevant panels and workshops, while participants enjoy two full days of entertainment, music, fashion, beauty, food...


The workshops cover a wide range of topics such as hair care, makeup, mental health, creating DIY beauty products, meditation, dance, brand conferences...


The panels

The NHA also offers inspiring panels: empowerment, self love, entrepreneurship...

The parades

The NHA is famous for its hair and fashion shows that go viral on social media every year.



Carnival, photo activities, textile customization, dance classes, double-Dutch... you never get bored at the NHA with its many happenings!

The children

The NHA also hosts a children's village and offers full days of fun for little ones, while their parents explore the event. Activities such as dance and art classes have been a huge hit with families and are now an integral part of the NHA.



The NHA is the “go-to-event” for Black and mixed-race women in Europe! It brings together celebrities and influencers from all over the world (USA, Africa, Caribbean, Europe, etc.). Opposite, rising actress Shoniqua SHANDAI from the hit American series HARLEM.


Finally, the NHA is obviously the largest beauty, fashion, culture, gastronomy and makeup gathering in Europe: it brought together more than 180 exhibitors in 2023, a record.


The #NHA2024

  • Dates: Saturday June 1 and Sunday June 2, 2024

  • Location: The Floral Park of Paris

  • 1 giant catwalk with 750 seats

  • 3 conference rooms with 350 seats each

  • 1 workshop room with 90 seats

  • 1 exhibition hall of 11,000 m2

The NHA in pictures

These superb photos are the work of Damien Paillard .

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