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Saturday June 1 - 7:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m.

Summer Vibrations: Afro Rhythms and Mental Awakening

Join “Summer Vibrations” for a unique fusion of relaxation and inspiration via Afro pop culture. Begin with a 15-minute sound bath, immersing yourself in the harmonies of singing bowls and Guadeloupean Ka for deep relaxation. Continue with a 45-minute talk on the influence of Afro pop culture on mental health, highlighting its role in understanding and destigmatizing mental disorders. Together, let's discover how this enriching culture encourages us to take better care of our mental health.


Jessica Galanth, mental health consultant and sound therapist, is in the process of completing her course in neuroscience. Dedicated to the cause of mental health, she works to make therapy more accessible in Black communities and to encourage open dialogue around this crucial topic. Through her Instagram® account @by.happiness.therapie, Jessica shares free resources daily, offers a directory of therapists, and runs a Women's Circle dedicated to support and discussion. In addition to her online engagement, she is the author of The Day Black Women Begin to Heal, an inspiring work that aims to encourage black women to begin their journey of healing and wellness. During the "Summer Vibrations" workshop, Jessica will offer a crystal bowl session, and will have the honor of being joined by Ariane from @akaarieconcept, talented KA master for the sound bath, thus enriching the experience for all participants.

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