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Sunday June 2 - 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

Summer Love Reboot: Towards a New Romantic Chapter

Immerse yourself in the luminous world of “Summer Love Reboot,” a one-hour workshop designed to guide you through the sometimes tumultuous waves of love and breakups. During this summer season, let lightness and warmth inspire you to turn the page on toxic relationships, recognize warning signs, and open your heart to new romantic adventures with confidence and self-esteem.
Whether you're looking to recover from a breakup, avoid the pitfalls of future relationships, or jump back into the dating sea with confidence, "Summer Love Reboot" is the perfect springboard to your next romantic chapter.
We will talk about Post-Toxic Relationship Healing, Recognizing Red Flags, Finding Love and Dating Again: Dare to Love Again! We will discuss how to get back on the path to dating while maintaining strong and joyful self-esteem.

@by.happiness.therapie & @iampriscadti

Jessica Galanth & Prisca Deglas: An Inspiring Duo for “Summer Love Reboot”

Jessica Galanth , mental health consultant and sound therapist, is passionate about the democratization of mental health, especially within Black communities. Via her Instagram® account @by.happiness.therapie, she shares free resources, a directory of therapists, and runs a female support circle. Author of “The Day Black Women Began to Heal,” she inspires black women to embrace their healing and well-being.

Prisca Deglas , recognized for her bestseller and her role as a coach, works to emancipate women, guiding them to fully live their passion and leave their mark on the world. Through her account @iampriscadti, Prisca shares her expertise in personal and professional development, inspiring her followers to pursue the life they deserve. Her unique method combines concrete strategies and motivational support, making her a key voice for those seeking impact and accomplishment.

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