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Sunday June 2 - 2:15 p.m.-3:15 p.m.

Feminine rituals: celebrating the passages of our lives as women

Understand and honor the different stages of women's lives through sacred rituals - from the date of our first Moons to the Wise Woman stage (pre-menopause and Menopause). Let's learn to celebrate ourselves through simple rituals. First Moons, birthdays, weddings, future mothers, births, menopause, mourning, breakups, illnesses... These moments of rebirth give meaning to our lives, they are our guides towards the path of transformation, towards a new stage of life. Through her teachings, Vanessa will take you on a journey through a drum meditation. It will open for each of you the path of Light towards your unity.


Vanessa Camprasse is an artistic director and illustrator at her creative studio AIR CHIC DESIGN, where she supports prestigious French and international brands in developing their brand image. Since 2018, she has developed a chic and inspiring stationery brand around the Moon, astrology, the plant world, the spiritual world in harmony with Mother Earth: CHIC AND PEPPER. This brand brings shots of inspiration and energy linked to the sacred feminine by consciously creating illustrations where lunar magic is present. Since the end of 2021, she has organized THE HOLISCHIC MOON CIRCLE Women's Circles and Holistchic Workshops around the sacred feminine and energies linked to the Earth's cycle, driven by her desire to open the path of connection between the Earth and plants. , the body, the mind and the subtle energies of the world around us. Vanessa is a woman connected to the Moon as well as sparkling and benevolent energies. Guardian of Sacred Space, Creator and Witch 3.0, connected to the Magic of the Visible and the Invisible, in love with nature, our Mother Earth, yoga and the magic of the elements. Her key words: good vibes, sorority and happiness!

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