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 Saturday June 1 - 12:30 p.m.-1:30 p.m.

Show Selflove

A one-hour talkshow to leave you feeling pumped up!

Three sunny and talented women will talk about self-esteem, mental health & fashion… without taboos!

Soul train line parade

The show will end with a parade NOT like any other! The podium is yours! It's you who will parade! Some of you will do the legendary “NHA soul train line” to music: Come in the outfit in which you feel the most “badass”, and show us a few steps you have the secret to! You will be filmed!

halima gadji.jpg

Halima GADJI

Halimatou Gadji is an actress, activist model, born in Dakar to a Senegalese father and a Moroccan-Algerian mother. Her first steps in cinema were marked by her role in Abdoulahad Wone's "Tundu Wundu" in 2015, as well as "Sakho et Mangane," the series created by Jean Luc Herbulot available on the Netflix streaming platform. Suddenly, she was thrust into the spotlight internationally through her leading role in "Maîtresse d’un homme marié." She won the award for Best Female Performance at the 2020 Sotigui Awards. Since then, Halima has been busy with film shoots in Africa and Europe. She plays the role of Aby in the series "Le futur est à nous," broadcasted on Canal+ Afrique. She is also a columnist on the show "Le chœur des femmes." Today, a happy mother to a daughter born in 2010, she continues to work on productions between Senegal and internationally, while advocating for causes related to mental health, child abuse, and the environment.


Camille MBAYE

Camille Mbaye, model, reveals without taboo the behind the scenes of an industry which has too often ignored bodies and hair like hers. On her networks, she shares her journey and the difficulties she encounters every day.



Dominique, cool thirty-something Parisian, passionate about life, people, fashion. A digital advertising consultant by trade, she also creates content around fashion. More specifically, plus size fashion, as a tool for self-confidence. A faithful advocate of self-love and the empowerment of black and racialized women, she takes pleasure in interacting with her community daily around these subjects.


Presented by Christiane Tchouhan

Passionate about art, music, cinema, multicultural environments, personal development and languages, Christiane makes the stage her favorite terrain. It is always with pleasure and great enthusiasm that she acts as an interpreter and presenter at cultural events, such as the NHA.

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