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Sunday June 2 - 5:15 p.m.-6:15 p.m.

Couple special - Hair to create a bond within the couple

Afro hair has always been political in public space. But what about the couple’s privacy? Even in this space hidden from outside view, hair continues to have its importance in our human interactions because we tend to judge/appreciate others according to the presence or absence of hair according to our aesthetic standards or biases. However, hair is very intimate. Depending on the care provided or its maintenance, it can sometimes be considered as a real mental burden or on the contrary a moment of connection to oneself. What if you shared this hair intimacy? What if you moved from “me-time” to “US-TIME” for moments of connection, of sharing on both a material level
and more subtle?


Nsibentum defines himself as a hair specialist, based in Paris and originally from Africa. Passionate about the world of well-being, he has long thought that traditional African medicines had completely disappeared following the slave trade, colonization and all the consequences that they may have caused, in particular an inconsistent chain of transmission. But thanks to numerous meetings (including one with natural pioneers) and trips to Africa, Nsibetum was able to go to remote villages and discover ancestral beauty techniques practiced for generations by African mothers. Today, through masterclasses, he shares them with as many people as possible.

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