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Sunday June 2 - 2:30 p.m.-3:30 p.m.

The SkinQuizz by Dr Naomi Blay

What is SkinQuizz? This is a unique opportunity to test your skincare knowledge thanks to an interactive game with gifts to win 🔥 With everything we can see on social networks, it's difficult to sort and know what is truly suitable for needs and problems of your skin! 🫠What are the best assets? At what concentration should I use them? Which product to choose? How often to apply it? Is it effective against hyperpigmentation spots? Against imperfections? 😫 So many topics that we will discuss together in a dynamic and fun question & answer format. 😍 It's time to reveal the skincare addict in you. Be ready because this game promises to be challenging and surprising 😉


Who is Dr Naomi Boulay Pesenti? Naomi, Doctor of Pharmacy and expert on black skin. After 4 years developing specific treatments for pigmented skin, she flew to Senegal and Martinique to complete internships with dermatologists in order to refine her expertise. Today, its objective is to help you take care of your skin and treat your problems through the sharing of health/beauty content on its social networks and its YouTube show & Podcast “Chez Dr Naomi Blay”. Social in nature, she likes to meet you through different meet-ups or through individual and 100% personalized skincare coaching.

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